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Getting started without breaking the bank

Getting Started

In When you are ready to get started with any new adventure, don't rush out and buy the latest and greatest tool. It can get rather expensive to add all of the tools you see and if you are just starting out, you want to try things out before you invest heavily. I've purchased tools on Ebay and with the help of my hubby, sharpened and refurbished them. Santa has brought me some new tools (when I'm good) and I have adopted some tools from my hubby's work bench. If you are interested in learning more about tools and what other folks are using to carve, here are some great resources:

Try These Links Paul Sellers is a great woodworker. He has lots of instructional videos and has a knack for teaching new folks. . Jason Lonon makes most of his tools. He is an experienced Blacksmith and woodworker. I have my heart set on one of his hand-forged Adze. . In addition to selling tools, Highland Working has instructional videos, does a monthly magazine, and more. . Woodcraft also sells tools, offers classes at the retail locations, and is a wealth of information. Spoon Club from the U.K is a channel I subscribe to on Youtube. It is fabulous. There are countless online videos that show so many techniques I won't even list them. I learn something every time I visit.
Ebay: Don't discount used or pre-owned tools. With a little elbow grease and some sharpening, you can end up with some great tools at a lower cost.

Tools?  Old or New

I have a few new tools, a few "hand-me-downs" from hubby, but I do love old vintage tools. 

You can often pick up older tools for little money and with a little sharpening or clean-up, they can work much better than their younger cousins. 

Hand tools

I don't care if I ever use this, it is beautiful!

Great little tools from Ebay!