About Me

My name is Karen and I'm a "I'll try anything" type of person. While I've been crafty all of my life, I believe that you can never stop learning new things. In my 50's, I've learned to snowshoe, kayak, hunt, weave, and carve. While my site features my work, it also is a place to encourage other women to get out and try new things....regardless of your age. You really can do it! Whether its trying a woodworking project for the first time, or foraging in the woods. You'll find plenty of fun ideas at the studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

I love to weave basket, carve wood, create new things from vintage items, and more.  I love to try new things so my skills are forever expanding.

Do you offer classes?

It's difficult to hold in-person classes these days, but I am exploring options to host online classes.  Would you be interested?

Do you sell your patterns or kits?

I am working on adding a shop where you can purchase some of the patterns I've developed and created. Hang tight, it will be coming.

Do you offer custom work for those of us that don't want to create?

Absolutely!  Just contact me with what you'd like and we can discuss the options.